Weekly Challenge
Weekly challenge for a group of aspiring artists to enhance and exhibit their skills in the field of multimedia arts.


» Reusable artwork is not accepted unless the member tries to re-do, enhance or add elements on his/her old artwork

» Valid reasons accepted if a member can’t or fail to submit artwork:

• Overtime official work on Saturdays – Sundays

• 1 week sickness (i.e. Dengue, flu, and other valid sickness)

» For other reasons not specified here, the member who won’t be able to submit artwork shall consult the group; only then the group or “Mavic” will extend the deadline

» The range for the price of food at stake/motivation is only P25-50

» Submission of artworks is always until Monday, 11:59pm

» No rules of what medium to use unless a specific medium for the theme is given

» It doesn’t matter if your work is not clean or too sketchy or too scrap. As long as you follow the specific theme given, it is always accepted. Just pass on time.

***The purpose of this group is to produce artworks, to build portfolio, to enhance skills and creativity, and to improve self-discipline.***

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Weekly Challenge #25 :)

Theme: Pointillism Drawing

Note: For week’s challenge, you are required to draw a picture using the Pointillism drawing technique. Be creative in your works. You can use any medium — whichever you are comfortable with — but please, just do it professionally. ENJOY! :)

Due Date/Submission: 07/08/2013

At stake: McDonald’s Choco Hot Fudge

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